The ENERGIES of a City's or Space's Bodies and Centers of Energy

A city or spaces has different bodies and centers of energy. Each of these bodies and centers has its own qualities, intelligences and responses. These bodies and centers form the underlying energetic central internal operating and communications system that shapes and influences every idea, goal, relationship, activity and interaction of a city or space (from behind the scenes until you are aware they exist).

The Central ENERGIES of A City or Space

A city or space is a living, breathing, dynamic organism made up of a unique and distinctive set of energies based on many impacting forces, with some of the most important being its purpose, field(s) of service and keynote energies it is stewarding. It is an ecosystem evolving through a universal, living ecosystem of interacting energies and forces that is part of a far-ranging greater unifying planetary ecosystem.

The ENERGIES of A City's or Space's Originating and Guiding Purpose

The purpose that originated and guided the formation of a city or space serves as a central power source and guidance system, driving its direction and magnetizing collaborating energies and resources in cooperation with the greater unifying planetary ecosystem it is part of.

The ENERGIES of A City's or Space's Declared and Applied Operating Principles

A city's or space's declared and applied values and operating principles are like the fuel cells of its efforts, serving as key measures of progress and structural integrity for the entire city or space. They are central currents and stations of energy fueling the mission, growth and well-being of a city or space.

The ENERGIES of A City's or Space's Fields of Service and Impact

The communities a city or space is helping and its fields of service, creation, exploration and adventure are also living organisms with their own ecosystems, generating waves of energies on their paths of progress, growing through points of tension, reciprocating with their environment and creating many varied, constantly-changing impacts on the city's or space's bodies and path.

The ENERGIES of The Geographical Region Where A City or Space is Based and Active

Every geographical region where a city or space based and active (including its country and continent) is a living entity and evolving life with its potent, changing and interacting ecoforces as well! Geographical regions are constantly impacted by many streams of energy that shift in response to the environment, which in turn, impacts a city or space. Collaborating with this reality creates an extraordinary shift in the capacity of a city or space and its stewards to grow its good works, fulfill its mission and contribute more abundantly to the geographical regions where a city's or space's activities are based and interacting.

The ENERGIES of the Interacting Lives Stewarding and Collaborating With A City or Space

A powerful ecoforces reality is that when lives come together to collaborate, a unifying hosting energy is generated and set in motion to host and steward the space for collaboration and facilitate the interaction of ideas, inspirations, communications, stationed resources and shared action of the collaborators. Collaborating with the reality of this ecoforce is one of the keys to expanding the impact of cities and spaces.

The ENERGIES of 7 Planetary Energies

One of the most important ecoforces impacting our planetary ecosystem is the streaming of 7 different planetary energies. Every city or space is composed of and fueled by one or more of these 7 energies. This composition of energies shapes, guides and impacts the vision, temperaments and relationships of a city's or space's collaboratives and endeavors. Supporting the evolutionary purposes, ideas, impulses and goals of the specific planetary energies a city or space is fueled by helps create conducive conditions to grow it good works and make greater positive impact in its region and field of service.

The ENERGIES of Weekly, Monthly and Annual Waves of Energy

Waves, cycles and periods of time, growth and collaboration exist through the progressions, interactions, movements, reactions and compounds of the energy ecosystems of different lives and creations. The energies flowing through these waves, cycles and periods are one of the most significant and most unrecognized forces for cities and spaces dedicated to increasing their impact and living their visions - and the lives stewarding them - to be aware of and to apply.

The ENERGIES of Earth's Atmospheres and Planes of Energy

The earth's atmospheres and planes of energy are part of the body of a city or space and provide all the essential energetic resources that fuel, nourish, grow and evolve a city or space. The energies of the physical plane vitalize and bring form, the energies of the emotional plane of energy bring power of feeling and dedication, the energies of the mental plane bring substance for creative communications and contact with ideas and solutions. Supporting the well-being of these atmospheres powers cities and spaces in extraordinary ways.

The ENERGIES of Humanity's Bodies, Centers and Fields of Energy

All collaboratives/endeavors - like cities and spaces - are influenced by the ecoforces of humanity's bodies, centers and fields of energy since collaboratives, endeavors, cities and spaces operate within these forces and fields. Humanity acts as a planetary "weather system", highly sensitive and responsive to the many ecosystems we live in and interact with. The ideas and mass "thoughtforms" that sweep through humanity can greatly impact the good works and missions of cities and spaces. The health conditions humanity is experiencing and working through in its bodies impacts the flow, momentum, health and well-being of cities and spaces.

The ENERGIES of Natural Phases, Cycles and Progressions of Evolving through The World of Energy

There are natural and inherent phases, cycles and progressions that are part of evolving and growing through the world of energy with its ecosystems of energies and forces - times of conceptualizing, creating, expanding, preserving, clearing and concluding to begin again. Supporting the cycles and progressions that are impacting the evolution of a city or space according to its phase of development can create profound shifts in growing and fulfilling its good works and missions.