5 major planetary cities


Nickname: "the city that never sleeps"

Soul energy: love-wisdom
Personality energy: active creative intelligence

Keynote energy: a center of planetary creative and active intelligence


Nickname: "the square mile" (referring to the 1 square mile financial district)

Soul energy: concrete knowledge
Personality energy: ceremonial order

Keynote energy: a center of planetary financial power


Nickname: "the peace capital"

Soul energy: will, purpose and power
Personality energy: love-wisdom

Keynote energies: a center of planetary peace and diplomacy


Nickname: "the queen of the hills"
(Significant name origin: "Darjeeling" comes from the Tibetan word dorje, meaning the thunderbolt scepter of the Hindu deity, Indra, and ling, meaning a place or land.)

Soul energy: love-wisdom
Personality energy: concrete knowledge

Keynote energies: a planetary center of universal wisdom, impression and spirituality


Nickname: None known. Known popularly for a while in the 1990s as "the Big Mikan" as Tokyo's answer to "The Big Apple". (The Mikan is a large Asian citrus fruit.)

Soul energy: idealism and dedicated devotion
Personality energy: harmony through contrast and beauty

Keynote energy: a planetary center of physical power